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Welcome Dentist Wood Green

There are many dentists, but how do you find the right one for you? It may be helpful to understand a little bit about what a dentist does and a history of the profession. At 53 Vernon, we are happy to welcome our newest resident: Dentist Wood Green – Family Practice.

Pierre Bouchard was the first dentist to write out a complete description of the profession of Dentistry. He is considered the father of dentistry due to this. Commercial Dentistry began to become more popular during the 1700s. In addition, dentistry for families began to increase in popularity. Over the years, many dental practices have changed and continue to improve.

chair used by dentistEverything from the dentists’ chair to the tools used, to the kinds of procedures performed have changed drastically over the years. All dentists must complete a large amount of schooling.

If you want to become a dentist, you must complete High School with many courses in biology and physics. Then, you must complete a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on medicine, physiology, or organic chemistry. After you finish your 4 year term getting your bachelor’s degree, you are ready to apply to dental school.

All students that apply to dental school must take the dental admissions test, or the DAT. The American Dental Association recommends that all those who want to become a dentist take the DAT at least a year before they apply for admission to dental school. The reason for this is the competitiveness of dental school and the amount of people trying to get in.

Once you graduated from dental school, you can either go into practice, or you can continue to pursue further schooling. This additional training will allow you to perform different kinds of specialties. Depending on the specialty that you choose it can range anywhere from an additional two to seven years of training in that particular specialty.


Dentists are also required to participate in various kinds of education throughout their career to make sure that they are up to date on the dental practices relevant to their field. If you are going to visit a dentist, you want to make sure that they are up-to-date with the latest technology and training, right?

Dentist Wood Green WordPress

One of the specialties you can go into is the study of dental epidemiology and dental health policies. This falls under the category of dental Public Health. Endodontics, is the study of what is inside the tooth. Going into an endodontic specialization allows you to perform root canal surgery and to study diseases involving the dental pulp, the interior part of the tooth.

Periodontics is another specialty that many dentists add to their qualifications. Periodontology is the study of the gums. This includes the study of diseases of the gums, and treatment for gum diseases such as gingivitis. It also includes the placement of dental implants since they are attached to the gums.


Cosmetic dentistry is another interesting branch of the dental field. This branch of dentistry focuses more on aesthetic appearance and making teeth look better. This includes orthodontics, which is the straightening of the teeth. Orthodontics is the field where you learn how to put braces on people’s teeth so that they are straighter and look better. Another part of cosmetic dentistry is laser whitening. Straight white teeth are considered attractive and physically appealing. So, cosmetic dentistry deals with these various aspects of your teeth and helping you look your best.

You can visit their website here: http://dentistwoodgreen.co.uk

We are happy to have Dentist Wood Green joining us in the building here at 53 Vernon and look forward to seeing them around!

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Welcome Cetonas de Frambuesa!

We would like to welcome Cetonas de Frambuesa, our newest office resident, to the building! They are an online business that will be headquartered here at 53 Vernon Street. We are excited to welcome them to the building and tell a little bit more about their business and what they do here in this introductory article. We will talk a little bit about who they are, what they do, and why we are excited for them to be here with us in our local business community at 53 Vernon. You can visit their website here: http://www.cetonasdeframbuesa.com/.

Contraindicaciones (Counter indications)

The only contraindicaciones that are mentioned on the product’s package label are that women who are pregnant or nursing should not take Raspberry Ketone. This is not only because of the sensitivity of a newborn or unborn baby to things in their diet. But, women who are pregnant should not be taking any kind of supplementation to help them lose weight. This is for the same reason that women should not drink coffee or soda. They both contain caffeine. While caffeine may be perfectly okay for a normal healthy adult consume, caffeine can be dangerous to a newborn baby boy a baby that is still in the womb.

weight loss before and after babys birth

WebMD Review of Cetona de Frambuesa

In a video in WebMD’s ask the Pharmacist, series they interview MaCary Marciniak, Clinical Associate Professor with the UNC Ushelman School of Pharmacy.

In the video, Professor McKinley, says that Cetonas de Frambuesa is definitely safe. While there is not a lot of scientific evidence as to the effectiveness of Cetonas de Frambuesa, because it is derived from a natural source it is perfectly safe to take. Because it is derived from a natural source it will have a very low chance of interacting negatively with any kind of medication that you might be taking. Because of this, there are very few official counter indications, or contraindicaciones for this product.

You can watch the video of WebMD’s Pharmacists’ Review of Cetona de Frambuesa here.

Efectos Secundarios (Side Effects)

As for side effects, no serious side effects or efectos secundarios have been reported for this weight loss supplement. Cetonas de Frambuesa has been sporadically reported to induce headaches and stomach problems. But, however, these cases are rare.

cetona diagram

Also, because of the lack of the official scientific tests on this supplement, it is not certain as to whether the side effects are caused by the pills themselves or some other cause. Many people, when they begin to lose weight, they can do certain things that can cause similar side effects. For example, some people start taking the pills and start working out very intensely right away. Or, some people start to lose weight and then cut their calories vary drastically right off the bat. Either one of these two situations alone can cause headaches and stomach problems. So this is why it’s difficult to discern whether it’s the raspberry ketones that are causing the side effects or just a normal side effect of people taking their weight loss regimen too far, too fast.

dont cut calories too much at once


As for the actual effectiveness of cetonas de frambuesa, there has not been a lot of scientific evidence to prove their effectiveness for losing weight. That being said, however, there is ample testimonial evidence as to their effectiveness for weight loss.


If you visit the Cetonas de Frambuesa website, you will see that they have testimonial after testimonial showing that this product does work, regardless of whether it’s been tested by scientists. In the end, what really matters is that the product is safe and does what it says it’s going to do. Raspberry ketones definitely are safe and will help you to bajar de peso. So, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome Cetonas de Frambuesa to the building. We are very happy to have you join us as part of our family here at 53 Vernon. We look forward to enjoying your residence here as part of our local business community.

You can also connect with them via social media here:

Cetonas de Frambuesa Doc

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Moody Inc Moving In

We are very happy to have Moody Inc. joining us at 53 Vernon St this month in the building. Welcome Moody Inc.! We want you all to feel at home in your new office space so feel free to contact the front office you need anything.

53 Vernon St, Newton, MA

Moody Inc. is a Newton, Massachusetts digital marketing agency that provides services for companies all over the world. They have moved into the Tudor-style unit was recently featured here on this site. There are a number of choices in real estate in Newton, MA and we are delighted for them to be a part of the 53Vernon family.

newton ma real estate

As always, if you have any questions about any of our business or residential properties, please fill out the contact form and we will respond within 3 business days.

If you need to speak to someone urgently, please see the front desk and they will assist you. For referrals and open house visits, the contact form is the best way to set something up. This way all the necessary people in the area will receive a message and we can coordinate our schedules accordingly.

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3 Bedroom Tudor Style Home

Welcome to the 53Vernon Street official website! This magnificent Tudor style home has 3 beautiful bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It was built in 1982 and the property square footage is 2,092 sq ft. The assessed value is $643,000.

in house 53 vernon street newton ma

You can see individual listing for units on this property on Zillow here. We also have this property listed in Realtor.com for your convenience.

Here is a welcome to Newton MA video so you can get familiar with the area.

If you are going through Coldwell Banker Homes for your mortgage we encourage you to check out the property page on their site to see information for possible mortgages through them. The property is listed here: https://www.coldwellbankerhomes.com/ma/newton/53-vernon-street/pid_2217099/

53 vernonkitchen

Here is a video of a similar property in Vernon.

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